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Author archives: David Lozzi

All People in SharePoint 2010

SharePoint 2007 had this great little link when you were viewing permissions and groups called All People. This would give you a full list of all people who have logged into your site collection, including any sub sites. This was a fast an easy way to see all people, and find someone to modify their profile. NOTE I said “logged into your system”, not who has access to your system. […]

SharePoint 2010 Web Parts and Their Features

This is a cross post from my blog: Below is a list of all of the “out of the box” web parts that comes with SharePoint 2010. The column on the right highlights which Site Collection Feature you have to activate to enable the web parts. Some web parts will require additional farm solutions like SQL Reporting.

Survey: Why do you hate SharePoint?

There are so many blogs out there dedicated to the bliss that is SharePoint. I personally love them and write my own as well. My goal of this post, however, is to discuss the dark side of SharePoint. What about SharePoint makes you mad, sad, frustrated, want to quit, pull hair out, scream at your monitor and wish SharePoint never existed? Take 5 minutes and let me know. Why do […]

Determining which w3wp process goes to which SharePoint service

SharePoint runs its service applications on IIS application pools, which in turn creates multiple w3wp processes running on your servers. When looking at Task Manager, you will see a long list of w3wp processes. Similar to As you can see in my example above, most of my w3wp processes are using unique accounts, so I can quickly look at this list and know what process belongs to which service account. […]

Initial Topology Planning: Site Collections vs Subsites

Should I configure my intranet using a single site collection and multiple sub sites or a use multiple site collections? There are huge pros and cons for each scenario, all of which should be seriously considered as you plan out your implementation. This choice will directly affect your topology and governance model as well. To clarify, a site collection is a collection of sub sites, it has at least one […]

Friendly vanity URLs and SharePoint

Your SharePoint is probably accessible using a server name, like SPSERVER, or a unique name like SHAREPOINT or COMPANYWEB. Accessing SharePoint from the internal network and computers, this address is fine. You can access the site and do your thing. Its a different story when you want to access SharePoint from outside of your network. Since the server name is on a private network, you can’t freely access it from […]

Available Web Parts in SharePoint 2010

Below is a list of the out of the box web parts available within SharePoint 2010. A lot of the descriptions come direct from SharePoint, but I detailed further where necessary This is a cross post – original at Lists and Libraries Any list or library has a web part. The web part can be configured to show a view of information from the list or library. The view can […]

How I got into SharePoint - David Lozzi

This entry is part 2 of 11 in the series How I Got Into SharePoint

This entry is part 2 of 11 in the series How I Got Into SharePointHow long have you been using SharePoint?: 8 years What’s your current role: SharePoint Consultant Your Story: I started with SharePoint 2.0, WSS2, when a customer knew of its functionality and said “I want that”. I created a basic case management list, a calendar and a task list. I instantly fell in love with SharePoint. Being a […]