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In my organisation we use workflows to email links to forms for various people to edit or view, there are actually 3 default aspx pages that present different views of a form in SharePoint 2010

  • NewForm.aspx
  • DispForm.aspx
  • EditForm.aspx

From the names its fairly obvious what they do; New, Display and Edit

Email Link

So how do you construct the email link, as you can see from the image below I have created a new workflow in SharePoint Designer and set it to send an email with some of the data from the list and put some text that will eventually become the link to the form

To create the link, highlight the word here and click on the Hyperlink button (Its next to the text colour drop down)


Next to the address box click on the button with the three full stops, this will open up the string builder window. From here you can use normal text or add lookups from the list to create the link you require.

The image below shows the start of the link, in this case the URL of our internal SharePoint site


To add the rest of the link we need to tell the system which form to open. This is done by adding a lookup to the end of the URL which will pull out the current ID of the form. To the end of the URL add a query marker so the URL looks like this


Once you have this part of the URL click on Add or Change Lookup and from the selection window select ID for Field from source


Click on OK and it will be added to the end of the URL


Click OK on the string builder and the main workflow screen.

Once you have saved and published your workflow when the workflow runs the user will get a link to go straight into the edit view of the form

Alan Richards (MVP)
I am the Information Systems Manager at a School in the UK and SharePoint MVP. I run the SharePoint 2010 farms for our School and the local School consortium with a focus on using non-code solutios to deliver my goal of having a paperless School environment.
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  1. Ofer Gal
    Ofer Gal says:

    No need for all this :-)
    You can use:
    Data source: Workflow context
    Field from source: Current Item URL

    That will bring you to the •DispForm.aspx of the item.


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