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How I got into SharePoint – Gene Vangampelaere

How long have you been using SharePoint?

5 years

What’s your current role?

I’m a SharePoint solutions architect.

Your Story?

I’m a senior .net developer who discovered SharePoint  5 years ago. After a few trail and error month I started to like SharePoint as a application platform. I try to focus on no-code solutions or user managed solutions, that’s why I called my website SPUMS (SharePoint User Managed Solutions). Now I work in an educational institute where I develop all kind of SharePoint solutions for our users and I’m one of the end-user coaches.

What’s next for you?

We recently migrated our systems to SP2010 so there is a lot to discover for the moment. I also want to contribute more to the community. I am a frequently blogger but I’ll try do give some session about those user managed solutions or no-code solutions.

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