SharePoint 2010 Branding – Part One

This entry is part 1 of 9 in the series SharePoint 2010 Branding Series

In this series we will be looking at how we can make our external SharePoint site look beautiful and certainly very different from the out of the box look and feel that you can see below.

The design we will be going for is the Orange Website below and it contains the following features


  • jQuery Banner Image
  • Custom Breadcrumb
  • Corporate Header / Footer
  • Security Trimmed Ribbon

However, before we jump straight into the practical lets take a quick look at the designs that have been created around the world which make SharePoint look beautiful.


These are some of the designs that have been injected into SharePoint to bring it to life and I hope you agree that they are wonderful.

Now before we start designing and building the site we need to think about the resources and tools we need.

SharePoint Designer

Download SharePoint Designer 32-bit – If you are still using MOSS 2007, WSS 3.0 or the 32-bit version of Microsoft Office you will need to download the 32-bit version of SharePoint Designer as it will not install with different architectural versions of Office and there is only a 32-bit version of SharePoint Designer 2007
Download SharePoint Designer 64-bit – The only requirement is that you don’t have the 32-bit version of Office as above.

Free SharePoint MasterPages

This year I finally manage to put together the codeplex project I had been threatening to put together for 18 months and this includes three different MasterPages you can download absolutely free. This includes the accompanying CSS.

FreeSPMP Codeplex

Kanwal Khipple MVP has created a similar project and we are hoping to have a discussion at SharePoint Saturday The Conference about hopefully merging the two projects.

SPMasterPage Codeplex

Randy Drisgill MVP created the following project on codeplex which was the basis for my project above. This includes a very well commented set of MasterPages providing you with a good starting point when creating your own design
This will be the basis of the series

Starter MasterPages Codeplex

Once we have SPD and the Starter MasterPage we can begin to think about planning, mockups and then creating the design.

Tomorrow we look at planning and mockups.

Matthew Hughes

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I am owner of Flucidity Ltd an Office 365 & SharePoint Consultancy based in the UK.
We develop intranets, provide training, custom branding and develop SharePoint solutions for companies of varying sizes from 2 users to 20,000.
I setup SharePoint 365 as I saw that there was a need for introductory blog posts and knew there were some fantastic authors out there who might not have time to run their own blogs and keep them updated regularly.
4 replies
  1. Robert
    Robert says:

    Hello Matthew;
    I’m downloading the master pages you cite in SharePoint 2010 Branding – Part One. You mention that the starter master pages from Randy Drisgill are the basis for your project. However, when we get to Randy’s Codeplex download page his master pages are labled:

    Starter Master Pages for SharePoint 2013
    by Randy Drisgill – MVP SharePoint Server

    Can the contents of his download be used in SharePoint 2010 or are they exclusively for SharePoint 2013?



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